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Good To-Go On the Dieline

The fine folks at The Dieline were kind enough to do a review of our packaging and branding for Good To-Go. 

From the article: 

With a new product, a name, and a vision, Good To-Go chose the design team Haigh + Martino to develop the new product’s look and feel. The first step to create packaging that would be unique within the market was to use a bright color palette, steering away from the expected browns and greens associated with outdoors activities. Good To-Go’s packaging is white with bright shades of purple, yellow, red and turqouise used throughout the different meals. 
Good To-Go was awarded Backpacker magazine’s Editors Choice award in 2014, which is a testament to the quality and taste of the product. And, here at The Dieline, we give the thumbs up to Haigh + Martino for their solid design work on Good To-Go.   

Check out the full article here.