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IN PROCESS: White Heron Rebrand

We’ve been hard at work helping White Heron Tea to rebrand themselves. With a lot of research, discovery, library visits, drawing and redrawing – we came out with a new identity that pays homage to the old while putting the new in a whole new category, i.e. more just a local little tea shop. Check out some of these behind the scenes peeks at our process...

We first tried a couple of concepts combining a bean like mark with some interesting world type photos. In the end, we used more current lifestyle photos (as seen at top of the post).I still like this old dude doing his crossword puzzle.

As for what inspired us for color – we were drawn to naturally vibrant things. Vegetable dyes, exotic spices, finger paints and vultures, of course. That’s two king vultures hidden in there. We’re kind of obsessed with them. They seem to make it into a lot of our briefs, too.

We’re really looking forward to the next phase of the project - packaging! Can’t wait to see all the little tins lined up in a row in bright colors. Good tea for good people, indeed.

You can check out our work as it progresses here in the portfolio.