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NEW WORK: New Hampshire Women's Foundation Branding

We are beyond pleased to announce the launch of a fantastic (and absolutely necessary) new organization,New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, and, our latest branding effort. NHWF brings together over 100 years of shared history, formally combining the forces of The New Hampshire Women’s Initiative, and The Women’s Fund of New Hampshire.

The announcement was made to a sold-out audience of 600 leaders from across NH who attended the 10th annual Women Building Community featuring keynote speaker and filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom. NH Governor, Maggie Hassan was in attendance, our friends at RESULTS SeacoastNEARBY, and Arts In Reach, (among many others) were also in attendance. There was even a Haigh + Martino table!

This project was truly one of our favorites to date. Mary Jo Brown, and Lindsey Carmichael worked closely with HAM to set the stage, really helping us to understand the goals of the foundation, so we could create a brand that reflected the wholeness of a new organization that is a key leader on the issues of gender equality, and to create a visual environment that expressed power, action, progress, and community.

Making a visual mark that represented power, action, and the rights of women (and men!) which are, uh, BIG IDEAS, we landed on a concept that played with the norms of progress. The “W” mark, besides the obvious, also represents stairs. Thinking about upward momentum, progress moving upwards, we wanted to challenge that notion since, even though that can be a positive connotation, a typical up – down staircase usually means someone is at the top…and someone else is at the bottom. So we rotate the staircase (which remarkably makes the shape of a W!) and we can subtly imply a more forward motion. An idea of progress where we all get there together.

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