Our process ALWAYS BEGINS with a really great conversation. We are creative problem solvers who listen, collaborate, create, INSPIRE, and ENERGIZE GREAT BRANDS.


No one knows your business better than you. We rely on you for your expertise and you rely on us for ours. We start every project with a kick-off meeting with key stakeholders and HAM team leaders. Often, industries have their own language. We use this meeting not only to get to know one another and finalize goals, but to learn each other's language so that our communication process is clear and successful.


Before we begin creating materials, we craft and present a mood board. This document is a tool for capturing and reflecting what we read in the brief, hear in the kick-off meeting, and anticipate will become the visual and narrative tone for our work ahead. We share this with you as a checkpoint to ensure we are all on the same page, and move forward into the good stuff together and excited.


From here, the HAM team gets busy in our war room. We conceptualize solutions, look and feel, identity systems, scenarios, brand voices, and more. Paper, pen, computer, brain power. Probably coffee (probably lots of coffee.) A heavyweight creative effort culminating in the presentation of concepts - the first look at what will define your brand and voice. In keeping with the collaborative spirit, we treat these sessions as workshops - no boring Power Point presentations, no lectures from the front of the room. Together, we'll determine our best solutions and identify areas that need refinement or revisions. to pursue and make any tweaks needed to craft a full bodied system that breathes life into your brand. 


In the end, the result of great conversations, audience-focused decisions, and lots and lots and lots of sketching, free-thinking, writing, and designing, we get to see the reflection of Gunstock’s mission, the hard work of its staff, and the joy of kid after kid taking a dive face first into the snow as she slides off the lift. Plus, we deliver a handy packet of all your assets in one place so you can make sure the brand stays consistent and cohesive for another 100 years, precisely.