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Good To-Go

Good To-Go

Real Food. Real Adventure.

A NYC foodie (who happens to have beaten Mario Batali on Iron Chef America) and an avid backpacker, Iron Man, wilderness firefighter come together with the dream of eating restaurant quality food in the backcountry. Good To-Go set out to use real, delicious, ingredients that can be enjoyed from summits to the beach to your kitchen counter.

Where they saw a challenge in competing with deeply established brands occupying the market, we saw a massive opportunity to buck trends and light some fireworks in their industry. We talked to countless backpackers, cyclists, climbers, long distance runners, and casual campers and discovered one unifying theme - experience. We set out to develop a brand that speaks to the experience of rewarding yourself for a job (or hike, swim, climb) well done. The Good To-Go voice and visual identity is conversational, bright, a bit funny, and an always happy partner in adventure.  

Our work with GTG is ongoing and we’re happy to say they’ve taken the outdoor world by storm - winning two Backpacker’s Editors Choice awards, being sold in more than 500 stores worldwide, from mom and pops to every REI in America.


Good To-Go was awarded Backpacker magazine’s Editors Choice award in 2014, which is a testament to the quality and taste of the product. And, here at The Dieline, we give the thumbs up to Haigh + Martino for their solid design work on Good To-Go.
— The Dieline
I’ll admit I was first drawn in by the bright, bold, playful packaging - especially that background pattern!



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Very nice packaging with a very easy open top. The design is great and each meal is given a unique color.
— 50 Campfires, The Camping Authority