The following is our rate card estimate for an 8 week branding CAMPAIGN, broken into four working segments. 



Rate: $100

Est. Hours: 14

Subtotal: $1,400

Working sessions include on-site workshops, a comprehensive kick off, weekly check-ins/status updates, and revision sessions with the Gunstock team and stakeholders.


Rate: $150

Est. Hours: 140

Subtotal: $21,000

Design hours include development of high-level visual tone, design of brand standards and visual elements for print, web, video, and email, type and font choices, development of a visual system that covers all Gunstock offerings, and comprehensive brand/style guide outlining all usage standards.


Rate: $150

Est. Hours: 70

Subtotal: $10,500

Strategic Copywriting hours include development of high-level messaging, tone of voice brand standards, tagline(s), radio/tv/web scripts, and a comprehensive kit of ready-to-use brand language.


Rate: $100

Est. Hours: 40

Subtotal: $4,000

Production design includes development of brand Identity Kit (w/ all designed and written assets), layout of design elements in specific applications (ie: season pass, hero images for web/email, employee handbook, etc.)


264 hours (33 hrs/wk)