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Founded in 2010 in Portsmouth, NH, HAM is an independent creative studio. Our work and our team are driven by curiosity, a passion for newness and surprise, and good ol’ elbow grease.

We specialize in brand identity and positioning, authentic and distinct communication, and brand stewardship. We’re hands-on and style and process agnostic. As often as you may find us designing logos, you could find us would elbow deep in spray paint, planning the interior of a new restaurant, or naming a global non-profit initiative. We put our minds and time towards provocative questions that need to be answered.

The best question often isn’t “why?”, it’s “why not?” We tackle that question from every angle, with no predetermined process.



Los Logos 8 (Gestalten)
Los Logos 7 (Gestalten)
The Dieline
For Print Only
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Graphics for Kids (Sandu Publishing)
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Business Naming
Print Design
Web Design
Type Design
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Environmental Design


Our Team

We maintain a deliberately small team that allows us to work on the projects we’re most passionate about and it gives each of our clients direct access to the people actually making the work. We collectively tackle every project we take on.

We’re powered by our people. And our people are great. We work on every project collectively, leveraging our points of view, experiences, and individual talents to make whole, rounded, and often unexpected solutions.



Kristy Martino, Communications Director

Demri Rosekrans, Producer


Kelsey Wise, Designer

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Dylan Haigh, Creative Director